Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's try this again

Haven't done any work on my bike all summer, even though I was hoping to have the whole thing done halfway through. But I've picked it back up in the past couple weeks. Switched high schools for my senior year(only 30 min away), but I already got some new friends that are helping me out again, a couple that heled painted the frame. Just a couple days ago I went and picked up the whole thing, all the wiring, tires, exhaust, engine, and about a billion lose juts and bolts, from my friend's house and moved it to my own shop. As I was packing it all up, I felt worse and worse.... I couldn't tell you where half the stuff came from. Its gonna be a rough time getting it back together!
But now its at my house, already built a stand/ work station that I got the motor on for painting, but the whole frame will fit on when I'm putting it back together. My dads helping me out with it now, more about him in the next post.

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