Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Plans

I suppose I should give a direction to this whole project. I plan to make this into a sweet cafe racer, stripped down to just the necessities and old-style awesomeness.

One of the coolest bikes I've found online is Miob's, (His blog also was what gave me the idea to start my own) @

And then I found out about Carpy on and saw a ton of his awesome builds:
(Golden Orb definitely my favorite)
really like the turn signals on this one (those are surprisingly expensive, like $50 a piece) the paint (never gonna get that good) but I CAN do the handlebars. 

But all those are SOHC, while mine is just a couple years newer and DOHC. 

I like the minimal gauges on this, the "all black everything" except the few chrome accents, the fork boots, the clip-ons, the front fender... and those style seats are growing on me. 

I like the headlight visors and painted rims on these... don't think i'd do that though. not with my wheels. 

I like the seat on this one (and the black motor), not the tank so much.
Do two people fit on that? I definitely want a seat two people can sit on- what's a bike good for if you can't take the chicks for rides? :)

this is a japanese bike: i'm thinking about doing that with my wheels and possibly painting the exhaust like that, and was going to paint my headlight black 

this one! i like this a lot, even though it's not a cafe. I like the clip-ons, the whitewalls, the flat black tank, the motor paint, the chopped exhaust and the low stance... 

Now that I've shown all the cool bike pictures I've found, I'll talk about specific parts i'm planning on getting/ making.
- I'm taking off all the giant idiot lights, gauges, and turn signals. going to chop all the mounts off the triple tree, and drill some holes in it, and then I'm gonna rewire some LEDs in place of the little lightbulbs in the idiot lights. I'm looking for a mini speedo (about 2.5") with a white face.
-Paint all engine black (Satin, using VHT)
just like this guy from Australia :
check out his engine, it's really cool
-Paint all frame, engine mounts, most covers, clips, headlight, turn signals, ect dark grey (using a rustoleum primer and some satin clearcoat)
-Eventually replace the air filter box with pod filters, but not in too much of a rush (don't want to mess up the jetting
-Nate is making Clip-on handlebars for me
-going to have my dad laser cut some battery side covers, and then painting those dark grey
-hopefully going to find a cool, minimal 2 person seat or someone that can fashion me a new seat out of the old one.

I have no idea what colors to paint the tank yet, but we've got a really nice paint gun in the shop waiting to be used.

ugh... that's all I can think of now. more to come. also, I made a cool kinda shopping list on the sidebar of what I have and what I have to get.

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