Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, I can't find my pics that I took of it in the taking-apart stages, (found them!) and I haven't been taking pictures. Is this how it always goes at the beginning of a blog?

So, I'll tell how I got to the point I'm at now.
1) Decided to start working on the bike
2) Loaded it up in my friend's truck to take it to his heated garage (turns out, it's not heated. good thing summer's coming)
3) Drove it over there and dumped it.

So, we had the frame with the front wheel and engine in it, two boxes of parts and a toolbox full of screws labeled with pieces of paper telling where they go.

Weekend 1) took the rest apart, except the motor. Disconnected all the electric, cut all the ties to the frame and unwired it all and pulled off the front tire.

Weekend 2) Unbolted the engine mounts (Should have put the motor on a jack so it didn't pull on the last screws, those were real hard to pull out) then pulled out the 300lb motor.

Weekend 4) Started Sandblasting on Friday. Went into it with just a bandanna over my nose and mouth. that was a bad idea- Palmer (My friend who's house it's at) gave it a shot after putting on his welding mask and gloves, and we tried zip tying a box to some crates to get it to stay put, using the box for some backing for the sand, with just a tarp on the ground in the shop.

The next day, I was way more successful when set the tarp up to have a back and bottom outside the shop. I finished sandblasting almost everything (Saving the tank for later, don't know what colors to do)
except the frame (about half to go with that).

My dad needs the sandblaster now, so I'll probably be taking a short break for a week. Gotta buy a bunch of spray paint, and start putting on some layers of primer and such. This is my first spray painting project too but, with as well as the sandblasting went, it should be fine!

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