Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Start of Blog: Where the Real Building Begins

Just decided to start a blog about my bike, but I've already been working on it for about a month.
It's alright though, because I just got to the point where my experience will become unique: putting it back together.

I got an old 1980 CB750 Custom for free from my dad's friend that didn't use it anymore, and it ran just fine.
After slapping in a new battery, new spark plugs, it started right up and shot a bunch of corn and walnuts some squirrel had stashed in the exhaust.
I had about 6 years before I even got my driver's license, then another 6 before I could get my bike license. That was 6 years to get this bike cleaned up, looking good and road worthy!

Of course, being that young, I had no job and no way to pay for parts. So my dad and I worked on it for one day, tore off the rear wheel, disconnected pretty much all the wires, and a couple covers; the goal being to get it down to the frame so we could paint over some of that rust, maybe make it some crazy color (I was thinking yellow) and paint the ugly oxidized engine black. From that day on, there it sat.

Just like that. Up until a month ago.

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